High Density video encoding for the Cloud & Edge

Scalable encoding for the Edge

U.2 plug in module. Easy to scale up encoding capacity compared to software or other hard based encoding technologies. The Codensity series' U.2 plug in for factor enables it to be plugged into any NVME server.

High Capacity Encoding for the Edge

The Codensity series can transcode a H.265 and H.264 4KP60 stream or up to 8x 1080p30 streams simultaneously. An NVME server populated with 10x Codensity encoders could have up to 10x the encoding capacity of a server with software based encoding. This enables data center operators to easily upgrade encoding capacity within their existing Edge server infrastructure.

I/O YUV raw video, compatible with 3rd party plug in

Codensity series can output raw video to host memory, for 3rd party applications to process. For example, IBM Watson training or inference, video analytics, video enhancements, server side Ad insertion, watermark etc. YUV videos can be re-encoded by Codensity series to high efficient H.264 or H.265.

Interoperable with common open source software tools

The Codensity series is compatible with FFmpeg, a common open source software tool for managing media. This interoperability ensures simple and fast integration into existing control and management system.

Integrated SSD storage

The Codensity series includes an integrated 3.2TB SSD. Integration of storage and transcoding processes into a single compact U.2 form factor optimizes the use of server and data center resources.

HEIF Conversion

The Codensity series includes an integrated HEIF converter. The integration of this feature offloads the server CPU.

Codensity series technical information

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How customers use it

  • Cloud Encoding at Scale

    Cloud Encoding at Scale


    Demand for video streaming continues to grow. Content distributors need a flexible and scalable encoding solutions that will allow them to easily scale their encoding infrastructures as market conditions evolve.


    The Codensity series, with its U.2 plug in form factor is an ultra dense, scalable H.264/H.265 encoding solution for the cloud. The Codensit series offer superior performance, density and lower power compared to other software and software solutions.

  • Encoding bandwidth optimization

    Encoding bandwidth optimization


    With high demand for streaming videos, content distributors need a bandwidth efficient streaming solution to optimize bandwidth use on existing networks.


    The Codensity series, with the ability to transcode between H.264 to H.265, is a compact ultra dense encoding solution that can reduce bandwidth consumption of H.264 streams by up to 50% by transcoding those streams to H.265.

  • Cloud Mobile Gaming

    Cloud Mobile Gaming


    Cloud mobile gaming requires ultra low latency encoding to provide a immersive user experience. Edge based encoding is a new architecture that can enable the next generation of mobile cloud gaming.


    The Codensity series of encoders features ultra low encoding latency making it ideal for mobile cloud gaming. In addition, the Codensity series features integrated SSD storage. This unique form factor is ideal for space constrained Edge datacenters.