Increased flexibility with reduced total cost of ownership

Codensity series of encoders gives content distributors the ability to move their encoding capabilities to the cloud. Encoding in the cloud gives content distributors additional flexibility and the ability to rapidly scale their encoding capacity to meet changing business requirements. The Codensity series features an innovative U.2 form factor which enables a simple upgrade path for existing server infrastructures. The high encoding capacity and low power consumption of the Codensity series offers superior performance and density and reduced total cost of ownership when compared to existing software and hardware encoding solutions.
Codensity T408 Transcoder

High-Density Encode/Decode for the cloud

The Codensity series' flexible plug in U.2 form factor enables high density, scalable encoding and decoding, low power consumption and reduced operational expenses.

Reduction in network bandwidth

H.265 to H.264 Transcoding for network bandwidth optimization. H.265 utilizes 50% of the bandwidth of H.264 saving valuable bandwidth across distribution networks.

Lower power consumption

7 Watts per module, lowers overall power use. Optimize server and data center power consumption.

Scalable architecture

U.2 Plug in module for factor is simple to integrate into existing infrastructures. Scalable as requirements grow. Enables scalable Cloud/Edge encoding infrastructure.

Integrated SSD Storage

The Codensity series includes integrated SSD storage. Ideal for maximizing server encoding and storage capabilities. Increases encoding density while minimizing overall hardware footprint.

Integrated HEIF Conversion

The Codensity series includes integrated HEIF/HEIC conversion. Integrated HEIF/HEIC conversion capabilities offloads CPU processing.

Codensity series Video Encoding

  • Scalable encoding for the Edge
  • High Capacity Encoding for the Edge
  • I/O YUV raw video, compatible with 3rd party plug in
  • Interoperable with common open source software tools
  • Integrated SSD storage
  • HEIF Conversion

Product images

NETINT Codensity high density video transcoding for the Cloud/Edge.
NETINT Codensity high density video transcoding for the Cloud/Edge.
Codensity T408 Transcoder
Codensity T408 Transcoder

Company information

Codensity T408 Transcoder

Provided by NETINT Technologies Inc.

Codensity T408 Transcoder