IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps for your industry

Managed Repair

Managed Repair provides performance tracking for asset maintenance work orders and upcoming task approvals at a facility. Using the device’s camera, the app captures documentation of issues and work done on-site. Managers and technicians can use off-site help for advice and to easily locate equipment and parts with iBeacon technology. The app uses oil and gas asset maintenance analytics to provide suggested diagnostic paths based on historical data from similar assets or equipment in the field.

Safety Inspect

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Safety Inspect provides managers with the checklists, requirements, documents and analytics they need to complete thorough and accurate assessments. The app enables agile processes and instant corrective actions. It helps generate better safety insights company-wide. Performing a plant safety assessment has been a time-intensive, manual process. Safety Inspect can minimize these issues with features like real-time corrections and detailed inspection updates.

Guided Repair

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Guided Repair enables technicians to easily make repairs in the field by giving them access to historical data and expert information. The app provides visually rich next best action suggestions powered by predictive analytics. It also gives the history of each asset and provides a record of how similar issues were resolved in the past. The app takes all the guess work out of remote repairs.

Why IBM MobileFirst for iOS app?

Mobile analytics delivered in a simple, intuitive UI is a key differentiator in the IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps. The use of big data is a proven way to positively influence existing work processes. With IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps on iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, this in-the-moment intelligence empowers new, more accurate decision making right at the most critical moments - resulting in more efficient and impactful outcomes. This is something only Apple and IBM can bring to market.