IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps for your industry

Inspect & Turn

With IBM MobileFirst for iOS Inspect & Turn, airline mechanics get real-time access to a digitized set of work assignments and analytics-driven recommendations. They can view and proactively prioritize work orders on iPhone and Apple Watch and get expert support using Inspect & Turn. They are able to receive analytics-driven suggestions, helping them troubleshoot problems and work more efficiently. This additional information can help ensure quicker turnarounds and more on-time departures.

Manage Gates

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Manage Gates enables customer service agents to plan and monitor the flight and boarding processes, oversee boarding and flight handling and react to changes on short notice – while receiving and providing up-to-date information to all stakeholders of the flight.

Fly Now

With Fly Now, pilots have one place to view all relevant flight information and receive real-time push notifications on flight plan updates – long before they reach the airport. Fly Now improves pilot productivity by using analytics to prioritize personalized content, based on pilot preferences. It enables pilots to act faster to changing conditions on the day of the flight.

Flight Roster

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Flight Roster provides pilots with a single view of all roster-related information, relevant documents and qualification requirements on an iPad. It enables pilots to easily prepare and plan flight missions. The app uses powerful analytics to surface potential issues and offer next best action recommendations. It prioritizes alerts and notifications to help pilots keep pace with changes.

Rapid Board

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Rapid Board enables customer service agents to expedite the passenger boarding process by scanning all boarding pass formats from anywhere in the airport. Airlines are no longer dependent on fixed-location kiosks or electricity to board passengers. It gives agents the flexibility to scan any type of boarding pass from any gate to avoid delays. The app resolves the issue of airlines that do not own the gates from which they operate.

Plan Flight

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Plan Flight gives pilots real-time analytics to make more informed decisions about discretionary fuel. Although fuel represents 30 to 40 percent of operating expenses, decisions about the reserves are made largely by a pilot’s gut. Plan Flight eliminates the guesswork – replacing it with fact-based decision making. The app permits pilots to view flight schedules, flight plans and crew manifests ahead of time. Pilots can also report issues in flight to ground crews.

Assign Tech

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Assign Tech gives aircraft mechanic supervisors an intuitive, streamlined dashboard on an iPad of all flight schedules – and the status of ongoing maintenance. It also shows the availability of parts, recommends the most qualified engineer for each job and provides push notifications on any flight delays. Supervisors are more equipped to proactively manage current maintenance activities so they can optimize costs and minimize delays.

Ancillary Sale

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Ancillary Sale enables flight attendants to sell food, beverage and merchandise while in flight, using predictive analytics to offer passengers personalized recommendations. Flight attendants have countless opportunities to build customer loyalty. Ancillary Sale can boost incremental revenue and customer loyalty, while also facilitating passenger transactions.

Passenger +

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Passenger+ allows flight crews to rebook flights while in transit, as well as offer other personalized services to passengers in flight – including special offers and baggage information. Previously flight attendants could only act as sympathetic witnesses to passenger delays, but could not tackle them head on. Now flight crews can offer services to passengers in flight to turn inconveniences into opportunities and demonstrate outstanding customer service.

Passenger Care

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Passenger Care allows customer service agents to perform booking, re-accommodation and ancillary services sales while interacting with passengers throughout the airport. The app untethers agents from the desk so they can roam the floors serving customers – offering needed products and services. Passengers get a smoother, more personalized experience. Agents can help speed the check-in process and ease airport congestion.