IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps for your industry

Elder at Home

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Elder at Home connects seniors with support services staff, loved ones, local community services and other connected ecosystem providers. The simple interface design and natural voice interaction for accessibility provides seniors with a heightened feeling of independence and a sense of security. It provides a friendly format for the senior to view his or her daily activities and offers medication and appointment reminders.

Elder Support

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Elder is designed for companies that want to deliver new services to seniors aging in place at home. The app establishes a relationship between elder clients and a service providers’ support staff offering virtual and on-site care, assisted through technology. Staff can manage notifications, alerts and document assessments to better address potential concerns and issues.

Elder Advocate

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Elder Advocate connects family members with their senior loved one and with the service provider's support staff. The app enables a service provider to extend participatory capabilities to the family, such as Notifications, Alerts, Shared Family Photo Album and FaceTime. It enhances interactions and lends support to senior needs.

Why IBM MobileFirst for iOS app?

Mobile analytics delivered in a simple, intuitive UI is a key differentiator in the IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps. The use of big data is a proven way to positively influence existing work processes. With IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps on iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, this in-the-moment intelligence empowers new, more accurate decision making right at the most critical moments - resulting in more efficient and impactful outcomes. This is something only Apple and IBM can bring to market.