Mobile Marketing Automation for iOS and Android

Contextual Targeting, Indoors and Out

Connect with your app users when your message is most relevant and users are most likely to engage. Phunware’s flexible marketing automation module works with GPS, Wi-Fi and physical and virtual Bluetooth beacons.

Increase Revenues with Mobile Users

Generate revenue by driving the most relevant conversions—visits, purchases, fans, per-purchase spending or any other metrics you use to measure success. Leverage real-time location to drive relevant engagements with consumers and increase traffic and app usage.

The Right Experience for the Right Audience

Segment and target audiences based on their actions, preferences and real-time contextual behaviors. Keep users informed anytime, anywhere with on-demand alerts and notifications. Drive re-engagement with contextually-triggered app launches. Deep-link campaigns to specific destinations within your app. Send rich, relevant promotional content and offers. Reach up to 50 million active users per campaign, 1 million messages per second, and 50,000 device registrations per minute.

Insights About App User Behaviors

Phunware provides campaign and location analytics, including, visit frequency, dwell time, competitor visits, competitor dwell times. To increase your ROI, segment users based on actions and preferences, run campaigns, analyze the results and continuously test and optimize.

Phunware Mobile Marketing Automation

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How customers use it

  • Increase Retail Revenue and Drive Store Traffic


    Retailers struggle to engage with customers when they are outside the store. Often they do not have a way to identify when customers are in the proximity to the store or how to send relevant promotions to encourage them to make a visit.


    Phunware's Mobile Marketing Automation allows retailers to drive store traffic and revenue with targeted promotions and order alerts. Integrate with your inventory management system for even more targeted promotions.

  • Patient Engagement at the Hospital


    Healthcare providers struggle with lost revenues from patient dissatisfaction and missed appointments. Many healthcare providers lack the ability to reach patients where they actually spend their time and manage their lives--their mobile devices.


    Integrate patient scheduling into patient appointment reminders. Arrange for all patients to receive automated and pre-scheduled mobile alerts one hour prior to their appointments, which can include routing to the facility.