Mobile Marketing Automation for iOS and Android

Phunware's Mobile Marketing Automation Solution Includes: Mobile Engagement SDKs and APIs (for iOS and Android apps) to enable marketing automation and alert and notification capabilities Content management and app analytics modules bundled into the Core SDK.

Broadcast notifications to your whole subscriber base.

Geo-fence notifications to users in specified physical locations, such as zip codes or individual buildings.

Web-based portal to manage campaigns, reporting, targeting, geo-fence locations and beacon configurations.

Documentation and configuration guides and an assigned customer success manager to help with onboarding.

Accurate Targeting, Inside and Out

Add location awareness to your mobile app to engage customers when it is most relevant, from granular in-aisle targeting to broad geo-targeting by city or zip code.

Contextual Marketing Triggers

Send sophisticated, hyperlocal mobile messaging campaigns triggered by real-time events and user profiles.

Data-backed Personalization

Use the data trail left by users as they visit your locations and interact with your campaigns to understand them better and reveal new targeting possibilities.

Integration Opportunities

Integrate Phunware’s Mobile Marketing Automation module with your back-office systems for new omni-channel opportunities and a richer understanding of customer preferences and propensities.

Mobile Marketing Automation for iOS and Android

  • Contextual Targeting, Indoors and Out
  • Increase Revenues with Mobile Users
  • The Right Experience for the Right Audience
  • Insights About App User Behaviors

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