How can Mitto support your business?

  • Protect customer privacy by adding 2-Factor Authentication as an additional layer of security

  • Enhance customer service with one-time transactional message like fraud alerts and delivery notifications

  • With our new customer portal you can track each transaction, real-time status, overall statistic and costs

  • Campaign management tool will help you reach large groups of customers in near real-time with promotional and marketing messages

  • Proprietary connected dynamic routing guarantees quality and deliverability

  • Carrier-grade platform reaches more than 1,000 operators and 6B end users globally

Mitto Global SMS Messaging

Verify phone numbers

Mitto’s Mobile Intelligence offers a powerful source of information that can be used to verify identity and increase the cost effectiveness and conversions of your SMS messaging campaigns.

Engage with your users

In a constantly connected world, Mitto’s ubiquitous SMS Messaging enables you to deepen engagement with your customers by reaching them anytime, anywhere with no need for high-speed data coverage.

Communicate in a 2-way dialogue

Deepen engagement with customers by using SMS to engage them in a 2-way dialogue. Add value to the customer experience with personalized, one-to-one communications.

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Mitto Global SMS Messaging

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Mitto Global SMS Messaging

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