Four good reasons to use IBM Micromedex with Watson

Stay on top of the most recent information

As medical literature expands, clinicians’ responsibility to stay on top of the most recent information is imperative – and nearly impossible. Studies show that doctors would have to spend an impossible 29 hours each workday simply to keep up with new professional insights. That’s why IBM Watson Health is applying artificial intelligence (AI) to help change how to approach and understand clinical information.

Use natural language processing to help make it easy

Tap into the AI-powered search technology directly from Micromedex by activating the conversational search assistant “Ask Watson™.” Watson has been trained on clinical concepts and clinicians can have more flexibility to ask questions in a natural and more conversational way, such as: “What’s the dose of rivaroxaban for DVT?”, “Are there renal dosing adjustments?”, “Can I give with food?” or “What should I monitor?”

Get a broad scope of answers – quickly

IBM Micromedex with Watson can answer many drug information questions from specific content within Micromedex – including quick answers for drug classes, IV compatibility, dosing and administration, medication safety, mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics and drug interactions. As Watson is trained, search capabilities continue to expand to include more of the Micromedex content.

Rely on Micromedex for trusted, accurate information

For more than 40 years, healthcare professionals around the world have relied on the evidence-based content of IBM Micromedex to help support clinical decisions critical to the safety of their patients. IBM Micromedex provides a single solution for evidence-based information with: 1) Drug dosing and medication management for 2,700 EMA and FDA approved drugs. 2) 3,591 disease and condition management documents. 3) 1,788 detailed protocols for toxicology and exposure management – and much more.

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