What it can do for your business

Having the right materials and tools on the job site is critical to successful completion of any new build or maintenance job. However, paper-based processes often cause workflow bottlenecks and a lack of information can delay the overall process. IBM MobileFirst for iOS Material Ready gives the materials foreman the real-time visibility and capabilities they need to efficiently manage and complete the delivery of all the materials and tools required for any type of work order.

Simplify materials and tools planning

Establish which materials and tools are needed for each job, as well as their availability and location.

Determine delivery schedules

Optimize logistics for the transport and delivery of tools and materials to each job site.

Enable collaboration

Use alerts and notifications to manage deliveries, uncover any issues and communicate with workers in the field.

Four good reasons to use Material Ready

  • Establish materials and tools needs and availability
  • Optimize logistics for the delivery of tools and materials
  • Use notifications to manage deliveries in the field
  • Gain ongoing benefits with a great service plan