Feature spotlights

Shipping Item records

When items are issued, transferred and receipted in the core Maximo product, the solution creates the required shipping item records. There is also an option to create shipping items manually if required.


A report can be produced from the Manifest document detailing all items and containers that have been added to that Manifest. The final manifest report then fulfils the legal requirements. The system can also cope with items that are classed as 'dangerous' providing the additional information required for such items as part of this process.

Consignment Notes

Ensure items being returned are sent correctly on to their return destination (hired items go back to the vendor, repair items sent to the repair vendor, things to be scrapped are disposed etc.) The drivers of the trucks waiting to unload the ship are given these consignment notes and they then know where to go.


Ship Items can be added to a Cargo Containment Unit and given a unique tracking number. They are then associated with a Container. Containers can then be added to a Manifest.