Works in harmony with Maximo to produce a Shipping Manifest

Manifesting for Maximo is applicable to any industry that must ship items and be able to log the items within a centrally accessible system. Manifesting for Maximo provides the ability to create the ship items and link it to an item in Maximo. This provides full visibility of cargo being freighted on and offshore, improves the utilization of shipping resources and provides enhanced management of items that have been returned to shore.
Manifesting for Maximo

Integrate seemlessly with Maximo

Rather than creating onerous additional activities, Manifesting for Maximo performs with the existing workflow.

Improve Manifesting compliance

Authorities may require cargo-carrying vessels to provide a Manifest that describes the contents of everything that the voyage is carrying such as its origin, destination and weight.

Greater visibility of items

Produce reports from the Manifest document detailing all items and containers that have been added to that Manifest. This includes any missing or damaged items.

Key features

  • Shipping Item records
  • Reporting
  • Consignment Notes
  • Containers

Company information

Manifesting for Maximo

Provided by BPD Zenith

Manifesting for Maximo