Key features of IBM LTO Ultrium Generation 5

High capacity tape cartridge

Built and tested to stringent LTO™ Ultrium™ Generation 5 specifications.

WORM capability

Maintain data integrity through safe long-term retention of reference data and assistance with data retention compliance regulations. LTO hardware encryption compliments write once, read many (WORM) media to ensure data integrity.

Distinguisable cartridge colors

Burgundy standard cartridge color distinguishes the cartridges from previous generations of IBM LTO Ultrium cartridges. Two-tone WORM cartridge color distinguishes WORM cartridges from standard cartridges.

Adherence to Linear Tape-Open standard

Designed to adhere to widely supported Linear Tape-Open™ (LTO) Ultrium design specifications. Cartridge can be used in products featuring LTO Gen 5 tape technology, enabling the LTO Ultrium 5 Data Cartridge to continue providing value as your storage needs and infrastructure grow.

Environmentally friendly

Gain lower media costs per GB with the ideal green storage for data centers, designed for long data retention and archiving with no power required at rest.

Media partitioning capability

Enhance file control and space management with the media partitioning capability.

Dual-partition capability

Enhance the performance of time-encoding applications and support future tape innovations from IBM with new dual-partition capability.

Rigorous testing and optimization

Withstand the demands of every day use with maximized performance and reliability in IBM LTO tape drives.

Multiple cartridge model and label options

Available in rewritable and write once, read many cartridge (WORM) models and custom as well as blank and RFID-imbedded cartridge labels available. All models support I/T data encryption standards.

Technical details

Software requirements

Physical and magnetic characteristics; Environmental recommendations:

  • Substrate: Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN)
  • Total tape thickness: 0.00025 in (6.4 microns)
  • Tape length: 2776 ft (846 m)
  • Operating conditions: 50-113° F (10-45° C); 10-80% RH; 79° F (26° C) wet bulb max
  • Short-term storage conditions: 61-95° F (16-35° C); 20-80% RH; 79° F (26° C) wet bulb max
  • Long-term storage conditions: 61-77° F (16-25° C); 20-50% RH; 79° F (26° C) wet bulb max

Hardware requirements

Physical dimensions:

  • Cartridge size: 0.441 lbs (200 grams)
  • Data cartridge weight: 4.02 in L x 4.15 in W x 0.85 D (102.0 mm x 105.4 mm x 21.5 mm)
  • Cleaning cartridge weight: 0.254 lbs (115 grams)
  • Safety characteristics:
  • Toxicity: Nonhazardous to human health in anticipated use
  • Flammability: Self-extinguishing per UL94

Technical specifications

  • Characteristics: Linear serpentine recording half-inch cartridge
  • Media type: Metal Particle (MP)
  • Cartridge physical capacity: 1.5 TB Native; 3.0 TB with 2:1 compression
  • Rewritable cartridge: LTO Ultrium rewritable Data Cartridge (1500/3 TB)
  • WORM cartridge: LTO Ultrium WORM Cartridge (1500/3 TB)
  • Limited warranty: Free from defects in manufacturing/materials defects for useful life of product