Location Based Services for iOS and Android

Real-time Blue Dot / Indoor Positioning

Add Phunware’s Blue Dot SDK to our Mapping, Navigation and Wayfinding SDK for rich maps with real-time positioning. The iOS- and Android-compatible solution pinpoints a device’s location to real-world latitude, longitude and floor level.

Enhance Consumer Digital Experience

Change how consumers experience your brand with navigation to, from and within your physical locations. Phunware offers a comprehensive set of tools for iOS and Android devices that delights app users with powerful facility-wide navigation.

Enterprise-class Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability: Phunware’s solution can support your organization, whether you have one location or thousands. Stability: Thanks to advanced caching, the Phunware in-app navigation experience continues uninterrupted if users lose Wi-Fi connectivity. Flexibility: Phunware’s flexible platform architecture empowers developers to customize the look and feel of the map.

Indoor & Outdoor Digital Mapping of Customer Environment

Bring your locations to life with mobile maps. Using building blueprints and architectural diagrams, Phunware’s stellar creative team builds beautiful and engaging renderings that can be embedded into a mobile application. The solution is extremely flexible and can support multiple campuses, buildings and floors.

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