Mobile Indoor Navigation Across many Industries

Retail: Drive traffic to specific departments by presenting easy navigation to featured products.

Healthcare: Minimize revenue loss due to missed appointments by guiding patients from home to their doctor's office within the hospital.

Large Venues: Reduce signage and operational costs with cloud-based real-time mapping updates.

Aviation: Drive passenger satisfaction by providing turn-by-turn directions to boarding gates and airport concessions.

Stadiums: Enhance the fan experience with in-stadium wayfinding and contextual communications.

Guide and Delight Mobile Users

Change how consumers experience your brand with navigation to, from and within your physical locations. Phunware offers a comprehensive set of tools for iOS and Android devices.

Native Map Experience

Phunware maps support rotation, zooming and full outdoor contextual references including roads, neighborhoods and landmarks.

Blue Dot / Indoor Positioning

Phunware’s Blue Dot SDK can navigate rich maps with real-time positioning. The iOS and Android-compatible solution pinpoints a device’s location to real-world latitude, longitude and floor level.

Enterprise-Class Scalability

Phunware’s solution can support your organization, whether you have one location or thousands. Cloud-based user engagement platform provides enterprise-class reliability and scalability.

Flexibility in Management

Phunware's in-app navigation experience continues uninterrupted if users lose Wi-Fi connectivity. The flexible platform architecture empowers developers to customize the look and feel of the map.

Phunware Location Based Services

  • Real-time Blue Dot / Indoor Positioning
  • Enhance Consumer Digital Experience
  • Enterprise-class Scalability and Flexibility
  • Indoor & Outdoor Digital Mapping of Customer Environment

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Phunware Location Based Services

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Phunware Location Based Services