Hybrid cloud meets mission-critical with LinuxONE III

Confidently run your business with ultimate uptime

For LinuxONE, “not working” is not an option. The highest levels of scalability and availability mean that you can confidently run and scale your business-critical workloads. New with LinuxONE III is hardware data compression – accelerating performance and reducing storage requirements.

Rely on the highest security and data privacy

LinuxONE III future-proofs your business with the highest security both on-prem and in the cloud. New with LinuxONE III are Data Privacy Passports – extending protection of data beyond LinuxONE.

Build with flexibility across your hybrid cloud

Integrate seamlessly into your hybrid multicloud infrastructure with centralized management and orchestration and unlock the unmatched value of the platform for mission critical workloads.

Keep up with business growth easily

Get the ultimate advantage out of your data. The new LinuxONE III is designed to meet the demands of mission-critical and large databases through vertical and horizontal scalability, hardware data compression, and workload consolidation for hundreds of x86 cores onto a single platform.

Secure your data and hybrid cloud platform

IBM LinuxONE III protects both data serving and hybrid cloud applications with pervasive encryption, protected key storage, and Secure Service Containers - and offers these as cloud services with IBM Cloud Hyper Protect offerings to secure your workloads on both the public and private cloud.

Gain optimal performance from your Blockchain server

LinuxONE III supports IBM Blockchain Platform – the only enterprise-grade multi-cloud Blockchain platform with on-premise capabilities as well as private and public cloud, allowing you to take advantage of this crucial technology. Experience faster and easier deployment of Hyperledger Fabric, seamless management and monitoring of nodes across deployment, and dedicated 24x7x365 support from IBM Blockchain experts.

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Customer case studies

Alleviating poverty and ocean plastic

Plastic Bank

Delivers always-on banking at scale to a new generation


Technical details

Software requirements

Supported operating systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP4, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1, Ubuntu 18.04

  • Supported virtualization: IBM z/VM 6.4, IBM z/VM 7.1, IBM z/VM 7.2, KVM as offered with Linux

Hardware requirements

Specifications will vary by model and configuration. See the technical Redbooks for details and requirements.

    Technical specifications

    LinuxONE III offers unique enterprise system capabilities to support trusted digital experiences:

    • Specialty engines: IFL, LPAR, Systems Assistant Processors (for I/O), 190 Cores
    • Encryption: EAL5+, ECC Digital signature, Smart Cards, CPACF, Crypto Express7S, SSC4ICP
    • I/O: FICON, FCP, zHyperLink, Open Sys Adpt, HiperSockets, SMC-D, 10 GbE RoCE2/SMC-R, 25GbE RoCE Exp2
    • Channels: OSA-Express6S, OSA-Express7S 25 GbE SR

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