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Lightbend Reactive Platform scales up and out effortlessly on multi-core and cloud computing architectures. It handles bursty traffic with ease, without requiring hardware over provisioning, so you can reap the benefits of elasticity. Lightbend Reactive Platform accelerates time to Value; it can also unleash innovation to capture entirely new markets.

Save weeks in development

Create distributed systems correctly from the start, without all the guesswork. Reduce dev time with hot-reloading and simplified setup that takes care of environment config and dependency injection.

Revitalize legacy systems

Breathe new life into legacy systems with an asynchronous, message-driven approach that integrates with everything from Java and Scala libraries & tools to IDEs, DBs & Fast Data systems.

Ship to production more predictably

With built-in support for Docker, service discovery and shared configuration, Developers get familiar with production needs early to make deliveries more frequent and predictable.

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Lightbend Reactive Platform

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Lightbend Reactive Platform

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