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Build a support monitoring app with Bluemix and Twilio's IBM Watson APIs

Industry: Communications

  • Better understand how customers feel about various topics
  • Use AlchemyLanguage and Twilio to monitor and analyze SMS sentiment
  • Provide enhanced support through new customer insights
  1. 1. AlchemyLanguage

    What it does

    IBM Watson Message Sentiment and Message Insights are add-on services that integrate AlchemyLanguage with Twilio. Message Insights is a bundled service including the Sentiment Analysis API that makes up Message Sentiment and AlchemyLanguage. The services use natural language processing and machine learning to glean sentiment and semantic metadata from text.

    How it works

    Message Sentiment looks for words that carry a positive or negative connotation. Message Insights surfaces signals from the unstructured text to understand what the customer is saying, feeling and thinking at scale. Watson helps you take action by transforming messages into insights on how people feel about your product, campaign, offer or service.