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Create, share, and verify blockchain-based educational certificates

Industry: Education

  • There are limitations to the current approach on digital certifications
  • An open sourced digital certificate is registered on the Bitcoin blockchain and cryptographically signed
  • Digital certificates become validated and tamper proof from provider to individual.
  1. 1. Blockchain

    How will Blockchain be applied

    Some people choose to broadcast their academic history (e.g., display it on LinkedIn), others prefer to disclose it only when needed. This aim to give the learner similar flexibility when using digital credentials. When a learner chooses to share a certificate with a potential employer, only the contents of the specific certificate is shared.

    Benefit of Blockchain usage

    Cert-schema is a JSON file with the fields needed to place on the blockchain. Cert-issuer takes a JSON certificate, creates a hash (a short string to identify larger files) of the certificate and issues a certificate by broadcasting a Bitcoin transaction from institution to recipient with the hash embedded. Cert-viewer then verifies digital certificates.