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Learn to program in Python

  • Skill level
  • Starting at
  • Time commitment
    13 Hours

Why take this?

What you'll learn

  • Unit 1Python Syntax

    o	Lesson 1: Python Syntax
    o	Lesson 2: Tip Calculator
    o	Quiz
  • Unit 2Strings and Console Output

    o	Lesson 1: Strings and Console Output
    o	Lesson 2: Date and Time
    o	Quiz
    o	Project: Python Mad Libs
  • Unit 3Conditionals and Control Flow

    o	Lesson 1: Conditionals and Control Flow
    o	Lesson 2: PygLatin
    o	Quiz
    o	Project: Area Calculator
  • Unit 4Functions

    o	Lesson 1: Functions
    o	Lesson 2: Taking a Vacation
    o	Quiz
    o	Project: Number Guess
  • Unit 5Lists and Dictionaries

    o	Lesson 1: Python Lists and Dictionaries
    o	Lesson 2: A Day at the Supermarket
    o	Quiz
    o	Project: Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Unit 6Student Becomes the Teacher

    o	Lesson 1: Student Becomes the Teacher
  • Unit 7Lists and Functions

    o	Lesson 1: Lists and Functions
    o	Lesson 2: Battleship!
    o	Quiz
  • Unit 8Loops

    o	Lesson 1: Loops
    o	Lesson 2: Practice Makes Perfect
    o	Quiz
    o	Project: Command Line Calendar
  • Unit 9Exam Statistics

    o	Lesson 1: Exam Statistics
  • Unit 10Advanced Topics in Python

    o	Lesson 1: Advanced Topics in Python
    o	Lesson 2: Introduction to Bitwise Operators
    o	Project: RGB-HEX Converter
  • Unit 11Introduction to Classes

    o	Lesson 1: Introduction to Classes
    o	Lesson 2: Classes
    o	Quiz
    o	Project: Bank Account
  • Unit 12File Input and Output

    o	Lesson 1: File Input/Output
    o	Quiz
    o	Project: DNA Analysis

Prerequisites and requirements