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Web Intelligence and Big Data

This course is about building 'web-intelligence' applications exploiting big data sources using new big-data platforms based on 'map-reduce'

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  • Time commitment
    36 Hours

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Why take this?

What you'll learn

  • Topics covered

    • Introduction and Overview 
    • Look: Search, Indexing and Memory
    • Listen: Streams, Information and Language, Analyzing Sentiment and Intent
    • Load: Databases and their Evolution, Big data Technology and Trends
    • Programming: Map-Reduce
    • Learn: Classification, Clustering, and Mining, Information Extraction
    • Connect: Reasoning, Logic and its Limits, Dealing with Uncertainty
    • Programming: Bayesian Inference for Medical Diagnostics
    • Predict: Forecasting, Neural Models, Deep Learning, and Research Topics
    • Data Analysis: Regression and Feature Selection

Prerequisites and requirements