How Kodit's expertise in UDI compliance can help you

Gives you access to the PEPPOL network. Enables you to keep your business with the NHS Meets GS1 standards for medical devices. Gets your data GDSN ready Makes it simple to design GS1 compliant labels. Keeps your PEPPOL message costs down by using a Pay-As-You-Go modal. Integrates into your current ordering system. Avoids the cost of integration for low message volume users. Gives you the ability to turn all modules on or off and choose only the features you require.

Get PEPPOL compliant today!

We will get you compliant within a few hours of signing up with us, enabling you to continue to trade with the UK NHS and across Europe

Reduce PEPPOL Costs

Simply decide how many PEPPOL messages you need and use them as and when with no time limit. A pay as you go service for PEPPOL.

PEPPOL Integration

If you prefer to integrate PEPPOL into your ERP/Financial software then we can schedule that in once you are ready. We have partnered with CEBS worldwide to support Integration globally.

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Kodit PEPPOL and UDI

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Kodit PEPPOL and UDI

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