Feature spotlights

Enable proactive IT with cognitive machine learning

Utilise IBM’s advanced machine learning to proactively manage your critical application and infrastructure. Your operations can take corrective action, before critical services and users are impacted.

Achieve success with machine enabled agile operations

Leverage machine learning and advanced analytics for agile operations. Danske Bank adopted machine learning in their operations. This Think 2018 session speaks to their success. (Note: Fast forward to 15mins)

Detect anomalous behavior with IBM’s machine learning

Uncover unusual pattern across your management environment automatically. Predictive insights capabilities enable proactive IT without the need for specialist skills by automatically detecting anomalous behavior across your entire management environment.

Get real-time insights into your highly dynamic environments

Deliver automatic real-time insights in highly dynamic environments. Agile Service Manager provides real-time context in dynamic environments to resolve operational problems more effectively. It gives you dynamic, converged topology and relationship information through a combination of traditional polling discovery and active bidirectional communication with the other actors in your environment.

Get insights to improve operational efficiency

Forrester consulting interviewed clients and developed a total economic impact study to help organisations evaluate the benefits, cost and risks of deploying IBM’s management capabilities for IT operations. These capabilities include the real-time insights to reduce MTTR as well as to proactively avoid service impacts.

Flexible pricing and deployment

IBM provides these capabilities either standalone or as part of a comprehensive management solution for IT Operations teams. IBM offers deployment flexibility, through IBM flex points and it the trusted companion for clients on their journey towards close loop automation.

Customer case studies

Case study image

Consolidated Communications unifies service management

Read the case study
Case study image

Vicom Computer Services helps proactively detect IT issues

Read the case study

Technical details

Software requirements

Reference the IBM Operations Analytics community.

    Hardware requirements

    Reference the IBM Operations Analytics community.

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