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SimpliShip utilizes software to find the best rates and service for your international shipments which would be manually impossible saving our customers time and money. SimpliShip delivers this solution through a SaaS and API offering. Working with thousands of SMB's and large global enterprises all around the world saving them on average 20-30% on overall costs.

Reduce Logistics Costs

Utilize SimpliShip to drive cost savings while maintaining service levels for your contacts or spot rates on international ocean and air freight.

Digitize your Logistics Procurement

Eliminate the need to send multiple emails and spend time sifting through rates!

Get International Freight Rate Insights

Sick of wondering what a good price is? Or, what the market is for your ocean and air freight? Let SimpliShip solve this challenge for you!

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International Logistics SaaS & API Platform

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International Logistics SaaS & API Platform

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