Better Return on Investment

Factors such as better inventory visibility across multiple channels as well as functionalities like Store to Store transfer, Drop ship etc result in fewer missed sales from insufficient stock, leading to better Return on Investment for the customer.
Infosys Omni-Order Management Platform

Faster Time to Market

Pre-configured process flows coupled with various tools and accelerators used at different stages of development and Cloud based delivery ensures you get to market faster than your competitors.

Reduced Cost of Implementation

The solution’s pre-built integration components reduce the complexity of integrating with existing systems, resulting in lower implementation costs.

Early realization of Business Benefits

Through custom, pre-built process flows, firms can reduce the time, expense and risks associated with such implementations, providing an early realization of the envisioned business benefits.

Pre-configured and time tested solution

  • Pre-built processes
  • Order Management
  • Call Center Order Management
  • Store Order Management

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Infosys Omni-Order Management Platform

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Infosys Omni-Order Management Platform