It takes a data catalog to be data driven

You can’t be data driven without understanding what data you have in your organization. Find out how making data more available, understood and trusted with a data catalog can improve your business. Learn how to inventory and maximize your greatest business asset – your data. Discover how to jumpstart your governance projects by test driving Information Governance Catalog.

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Uses one language across all data assets

Provides a common business language and vocabulary across your enterprise to enable a deeper understanding of your most precious assets.

Jumpstarts your governance

Includes a virtualized test drive so you can stop the PowerPoint presentations and start seeing for yourself the advantages of a data catalog.

Explores your data (and its lineage)

Enables you to understand how data is connected across the enterprise – track where it came from and where it’s going.

Delivers best-in-class policies

Provides consistent governance policies that deliver the ability to define how your information should be structured, stored, transformed and moved.

Start building your governance program today

  • Enable users to search, explore, understand and find data
  • Deliver well-defined and governed data
  • Visualize data flow across the information landscape
  • Establish data ownership and documentation

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