What IMS Sysplex Manager for z/OS can do for you

IMS™ Sysplex Manager for z/OS® is a single point of control for IMS system operations. It enables you to manage multiple IMS systems in a sysplex or IMSplex environment. It provides a real-time and centralized display of IMS sysplex and IMSplex information through a single interface and automates the handling of specific error situations reducing complexity for system programmers.

IMS Sysplex Manager provides a dashboard feature that allows you to monitor the health of IMS systems. You can use the dashboard to see critical data from key areas, including alerts that indicate when user-defined thresholds are exceeded.

IMS Sysplex Manager for z/OS

Better manage your IMS System

Monitor and manage components, parameters, and dependent regions, and issue IMS Type 1 and Type 2 commands.

Control your IMS Sysplex environment

Keep on top of the CSL Resource Manager (RM), IMS Coupling Facility (CF) and IMS Shared Queues structures.

Customize your own dashboard

Build a custom dashboard that enables you to check the overall health of your IMS systems at a glance.

Easier auditing and troubleshooting

Record command input and output messages from all sources – together with MTO messages – in the same history database.

Create and update affinity routing

Affinity routing gives you more control over where transactions should be processed. Get direct control over the shared message queue workload balance to better manage availability.

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