What is IMS Network Compression Facility for z/OS?

IBM IMS™ Network Compression Facility for z/OS® helps you reduce response times and line costs by compressing data streams to 3270 users. IMS Network Compression Facility compresses unnecessary or redundant characters, blank spaces, field definitions and other data. Using this tool, no application changes are necessary and no alterations are made to the users’ screens.

Reduce traffic across networks

Reduce the amount of data transferred from IMS to user devices with support for all forms of output to 3270 devices using standard 3270 data stream protocol.

Decrease process redundancies

Use new options for compression of 3270 data streams and repeated characters (not only spaces, nulls, asterisks and dashes) to eliminate redundant 3270 Set Buffer Address (SBA) commands.

Improve work process flexibility

Use cross-MVS system inquiries and updates to Network Compression Facility information and options, and dynamically change options via its ISPF interface.

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