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Enterprise Imaging — Simplified

Learn how our solutions can help you save time and money collecting point-of-care images, securely capture images, and more.

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Optimize your EHR with collaboration

Download this webinar to learn how you can maximize your EHR investment.

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Strategies for maintaining competitiveness in imaging

Watch this webinar to take an in-depth look into how imaging is already deeply invested in the outpatient market.

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Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Leading children’s hospital shares its recipe for an enterprise imaging strategy.

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Data sharing vs. data security: Not an “either-or” proposition

Learn how a secure enterprise imaging strategy can help you reduce vulnerabilities by limiting access.

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Tuesday's with Watson Health Imaging

A webinar series to enhance your knowledge of products you use every day.

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iConnect Access 6.3 IHE Integration Statement

IBM iConnect Access has been to the IHE Connectathon every year, recently integrating with 21 other organizations’ products.

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