With IBM iConnect Access, you can:

Collaborate in real time with up to 10 users

Enables enterprise users or guests of the system to seamlessly collaborate with diagnostic quality resolution regardless of location.

Aggregate data access with standards-based interoperability

Federates and aggregates data in real time using standards-based interoperability with DICOM and IHE profiles, XDS, XDS-I, XDS-I.b, XCA-I, XDS-SD, ATNA, CT, PIX and PDQ.

Access a longitudinal patient record

Allows viewing of a patient’s comprehensive exam history using DICOM and IHE’s XDS profiles to create a ‘single pane of glass’ diagnostic quality view of content across the enterprise and across specialties.

Utilize zero-download advanced visualization

Enables 3D advanced visualization features like MIP, MPR, curved MPR, calcium scoring and segmentation, and reduces the need for seat licenses with other workstations.

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