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The IBM® Cloud Orchestrator Content Pack for F5® BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager via IBM Netcool® Configuration Manager covers the integration with F5® BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager. The load balancer is a network device that distributes workload across multiple servers. IBM Cloud Orchestrator helps you with end-to-end service deployment across infrastructure and platform layers. Using IBM Cloud Orchestrator, you have a consistent, flexible and automated way of integrating the cloud with customer data center policies, processes and infrastructures across various IT domains.
IBM Cloud Orchestrator Content Pack for IBM Netcool Configuration Manager F5®

Register load balancer device

To use a configured load balancer device in IBM Cloud Orchestrator, you must register the device.

Discovery load balancer

The discovery load balancer operation discovers all the load balancer configurations and network object properties.

Create a load balancer instance

The load balancer instance can be created by entering VLAN properties, SelfIP properties and RouteDomain properties; add a VLAN to existing load balancer instance using Add VLAN self service.

Create load balancer policy

The load balancer policy is created on a particular load balancer host for a particular user. It creates a load balancer policy on a load balancer instance.

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