What IBM Spectrum Protect Plus can do for your business

IBM® Spectrum Protect™ Plus is a modern data protection solution for virtual environments, databases and applications. It is easily deployed as a virtual appliance and simplifies data recovery, replication, and offload to multicloud environments, as well as the management of data copies for DevOps, analytics, reporting, and much more.

Easy to use

SLA-based policies simplify management. A drilldown dashboard ensures protection compliance and makes it easy to track storage utilization.

Simple deployment

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is easy to deploy as a virtual appliance. RESTful APIs enable seamless automation and easy access to data.

Fast recovery

Global search and instant data access provide rapid VM, file, database, and application recovery.

Multicloud ready

Delivers cost-effective, secure, long term data retention and data compliance in multicloud environments.

Which option is right for you?

  • IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Free Trial

    Experience the simplicity of data protection and availability delivered to you by IBM Spectrum Protect Plus.

  • IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

    IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is an easy-to-install, unified solution offering low-overhead data protection and availability or VMs and application data.