IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps for your industry

Hospital Tech

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Hospital Tech provides technicians with a real-time view of patient progress, lab and diagnostic results, safety alerts and delegated tasks. Dynamically updated as priorities change, Hospital Tech always knows where a tech should go and do next. Integrated patient data provides views into recent vital signs, clinical status, nurses’ notes and historical data.

Hospital RN

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Hospital RN gives nurses a central view of patient and team information. Notifications and current patients are instantly accessible from a home landing page, while individual patient records display upon room entry. Nurses can see, edit and send updated tasks, notifications and messages to their entire care team – from their iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

Message for Healthcare

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Message for Healthcare enables secure digital messaging for doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers. Users can send and receive photos or text, audio and video messages in the familiar, easy-to-use app while knowing that their communications are protected by HIPAA-compliant security.

Hospital MD

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Hospital MD provides doctors with an integrated view of daily tasks, clinical appointments and urgent alerts with comprehensive patient information and historical data. Doctors can use Hospital MD to view diagnostic changes over time, access demographics and care plan and send orders from anywhere – using an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

Hospital Lead

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Hospital Lead provides a unique view into patient and facility information that matches the needs and priorities of nurse and shift leaders. Hospital Lead presents a main view of all rooms for which the lead is responsible. Rooms are color-coded based on whether they are empty or full. A lead can filter the view by nurse, discharge status, overdue and critical tasks, among other data.

Home RN

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Home RN gives in-home nurses one place to manage patient care visits and information. Scheduled patient visits show as cards on an area map or within an agenda. Patient information links to aftercare plans, discharge instructions, general care practitioners, specialists and historical data. Automated prompts, task lists, integrated GPS, text, audio, phone and photo reporting help nurses deliver more efficient home healthcare.

Case Manager

The convenience and speed of IBM MobileFirst for iOS Case Manager provides a central area for managing, collecting, updating and closing case information and visits. GPS, messaging, photos and texts enhance assessments and health records with personalized patient information for efficient healthcare.