Feature spotlights

Easier handling

Entering new data is even easier than before.

Supports multiple backends

Can be used for IBM FileNet Content Manager and IBM Content Manager.

Configurable interface

Groups standard EDS functions allowing users and administrators to configure their own interface.

Multi-repository rules

Rules can be applied across all repositories. For example, if a rule is defined in the IBM Content Manager it can also regulate data stored in DB2 or FileNet P8.

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IBM FileNet Content Manager

IBM FileNet® Content Manager is a flexible, full-featured content management solution that helps enable the creation of innovative business applications on any cloud to govern all enterprise content, automatically extract insight from unstructured content and dissolve content silos. FileNet Content Manager delivers the breadth of capabilities, deployment flexibility and performance to help enable any enterprise to effectively manage all content — from any source. FileNet Content Manager is: • A proven industry leading content services solution that provides the foundation for the IBM Cloud Pak™ for Automation • A redesigned and rebuilt cloud-native, flexible, high-performance solution that leverages AI to deliver deep insights from unstructured content, which can be deployed natively on any cloud and is fully integrated with the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation to automate knowledge work • An open, containerized content-services architecture that is optimized for the design, configuration, deployment and maintenance of enterprise content application at any scale, freeing resources for additional strategic investments With IBM content services built on FileNet Content Manager, you can deploy the most flexible, comprehensive, high-performance content management solution as the foundation for strategic business applications. By leveraging open architecture, IBM content services from FileNet are optimized for performance and total cost of ownership, while providing federated capabilities that unify and enhance the value and productivity of existing IT investments, making it easier to work in a consistent, reliable and deliberate manner that creates and delivers optimal business value.

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IBM Content Manager provides a robust and flexible, fully featured enterprise content management solution. Content Manager enables you to easily manage the growing volume of enterprise content that is required to run your business and support critical decisions. It offers a centrally provisioned, secure and scalable foundation to address full content management and workflow requirements for all content types. IBM Content Manager supports Microsoft Windows, IBM AIX®, Linux®, Linux on System z® and IBM z/OS®.

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