IBM Enterprise Integrator for Domino features

IBM Connect to move, extract and synchronize data

Access data from IBM® Db2® 10.5, Oracle 11g and 12c, Sybase 15.7, MS SQL server 2008/2012, Db2 on i V7R2, SAP, Microsoft SQL Server, ODBC and others. Integrate IBM Domino® with data stored as text or non-relational files. Work with: Microsoft Windows 2008 Server and 2008 Server Enterprise Edition; Windows 2008 R x32 and x64; Windows 2012 x64, Windows Clients 7, 8.1, 10; IBM AIX® 5.3, 6, and 7.1 64-bit; IBM i platform V6R1, V7R1, V7R2; Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0; SLES 11 and 12; RHEL 6.4 and 7.

Efficient data handling with Domino-based tools

Eliminate the need to duplicate enterprise data in IBM Domino by using virtual documents and attachments directly from IBM Domino servers. Use fields in an IBM Domino document even when the contents of the field are stored in a third-party system, using a key document for background synchronization. Invoke procedures and business logic defined in external systems directly from IBM Domino as if these instructions were native IBM LotusScript® agents.

Uniform, intuitive administration tools

Take advantage of a uniform set of tools for configuring data exchanges between IBM Domino applications and external data sources. IBM Enterprise Integrator for Domino offers transparent, security-rich access to external data and processes with an intuitive user experience and efficient workflow. Manage security-rich access to enterprise data sources and virtual data using sign-on credentials and access controls that you specify.

Deployment flexibility

Run IBM Enterprise Integrator for Domino on a server system or from an IBM Notes® client. IBM Enterprise Integrator Administrator enables you to administer the configuration and operational elements of the Enterprise Integrator for Domino system, including connectors, meta-connectors and activities. The server periodically polls the administrator database for activities to execute. When it finds an activity that is scheduled to run, it executes that activity.

Technical details

Software requirements

IBM Enterprise Integrator for Domino runs on the AIX, IBM i, Linux and Windows operating systems and supports the following software:

  • IBM Db2 Enterprise Server Edition and Db2 for i5/OS
  • IBM Informix®
  • Microsoft SQL Server and My SQL
  • Oracle
  • Sybase

Hardware requirements

No hardware requirements are specified for IBM Enterprise Integrator for Domino.

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