What is IBM Domino?

IBM® Domino® is a platform for hosting business-focused collaboration applications. You can you choose from a variety of hardware platforms and operating systems to quickly deliver scalable, secure applications. With IBM Domino, you can reduce IT infrastructure and associated administration costs by increasing automation and decreasing hardware resources. Automation, monitoring, tuning and diagnostic features can improve productivity, boost operational efficiency and enhance administrative decision making and system availability. You can also tie multiple IBM Domino servers together to create a high-performance application environment.

Reduce costs, raise productivity

Use less power, memory, storage, network bandwidth and fewer servers. Reduce administration with automated installations, policies and monitoring that free staff to focus on higher value tasks.

Boost performance, availability

Achieve and maintain high performance and availability with advanced clustering, replication, server fault recovery and automated diagnostic tools.

Help drive business results

Enable a range of workflow-driven and people-oriented applications that help business operations deliver improved outcomes.

Protect business assets

Control access, protect information and help ensure document authenticity.

Simplify administration

Ease administration with the included Database Management Tool, NetWare Directory Services Monitor for UNIX, Quality of Service probe, Simplified Notes ID management through SAML and Single Sign-On.

Improve security

Secure your system with included Secure Hash Algorithm 2 (SHA) support for encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS) delivered by IBM and OAuth credential store to support embedded experiences.

IBM Domino features

  • Built for business-focused, collaborative applications
  • Advanced administration, management, monitoring and tuning
  • Compression and single-copy attachment
  • Flexible access and deployment, including mobile
  • Critical security standards
  • Integration with existing IBM and third-party applications