What IBM Domino can do for you

IBM® Domino® is a stable and secure platform for developing and hosting business-critical collaboration applications, enterprise-grade email and workflow. It has self-healing and auto-repair, which reduces your risk of exposure to outage or failure. You can access your applications from an Apple iPad and fully operate in disconnected mode on iOS.

Use your JavaScript developers to enhance, integrate and build new apps – seamlessly integrated with your most-used tools and environments. Call any REST API from your Domino application to quickly bring in Google Maps, a Watson API or even customer data from Salesforce.

Enhanced performance monitoring

Domino now features support for CentOS, self-healing and auto-repair. There are increased size limits for dbs, folders, fields, tables and summary data.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Reduce administration time with increased database limits, auto healing and sample Docker scripts that aid in deployment and management in both on-premises and hybrid environments.

Secure cloud-managed service hosting

Deploy your applications on-premises or in a hybrid environment. Customers have seen a 20-60% lower TCO after moving their applications to IBM Cloud with the Domino Applications on Cloud add-on.

Integration with JavaScript and Node.js

As an add-on to IBM Domino V10, both JavaScript and Domino developers will be able to enhance, integrate and easily build new applications using IBM Domino data.

Mobile access for your Domino apps

Easily provide users with Apple iPad access to your Domino applications with the IBM Domino Mobile Apps add-on. It works online or offline without modification.

Comprehensive security

Domino is so secure that leading accounting firms trust it for their audit processes. Security updates include GSKit, JVM enhancements and greater ease configuring SAML federated identity providers.