Feature spotlights

One click transformation of reports

Reduce the process of cutting and pasting or manually keying data into Excel spreadsheets and other usable formats. Eliminate manual errors in transcribing data and dramatically reduce processing time.

Easy and quick deployment

Connect RMS to Content Manager OnDemand with the use of a single integration file. This file “plugs into” Content Navigator and extends Navigator to launch Report Mining Server. RMS launches with the same, familiar user interface.

Report analytics using RMS

Capture customer intelligence by automatically summarizing and analyzing historical customer data. Reduce IT burden by eliminating the need for additional infrastructure for ad-hoc reporting, sub-reports or live database connecting. Enable customer service representatives to suggest rate plan changes, promotions and additional products and services that may be advantageous to customers.

Key data and report mining

Eliminate the need for data warehouses and data marts by turning Content Manager OnDemand into a data-enabled document warehouse. Enable comparisons of legacy data stored in Content Manager OnDemand with current, real-time data stored in databases. Provide filtering, sorting and summary capabilities to aid in locating specific data.

Investment protection of legacy reporting systems

Turn years worth of documents into active data and provide a unique historical look at the business. Extend the value of Content Manager OnDemand by turning documents into analytical assets. Ensure data governance, auditability and data lineage on all information originating from and distributed with Content Manager OnDemand and RMS.

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