IBM Connections Engagement Center features and capabilities

Create and customize pages

Business users can quickly create and customize pages. Tools and capabilities include: Multiple, preconfigured page grid layouts; custom page grid layouts; pre-built widgets and the ability to create new widgets; CSS to support corporate branding and standards; and capabilities to design intuitive page navigation.

Add content and applications with widgets and APIs

Populate pages with content from IBM® Connections™ blogs, wikis and other social elements simply and quickly by using widgets. You can also add content from other websites and applications with included Clipping, IFrame, HTML, ATOM and RSS feed widgets. Application developers can use a published API to create custom widgets and integrate content or functionalities from other applications.

Personalize content based on employee directory data

Web pages and the contents of widgets can be targeted to employees using elements of their Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) attributes, such as role, business unit and location. Employees can personalize their pages to reflect their individual needs and preferences.

Simplify publishing

You do not need to choose between two systems to publish content. Content owners can curate content by publishing blog entries to home or landing pages. Content publishing, liking and commenting are integrated into the IBM Connections activity stream. Internal communications professionals can integrate top-down communications with peer-to-peer collaboration to make communications more collaborative and engaging.

Integrate and administrate quickly and efficiently

All content is contained in a single index, so no search integration is required, and the single content store helps eliminate fragmentation, redundancy, inconsistency and governance problems. Read-access management is handled through IBM Connections Communities, requiring no separate initiative and management. Activity stream and user interface integration also requires no special integration. Administrators can configure custom home pages, the display of widgets, navigation layout and more.

Your new model for employee engagement

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Customer case studies

Case study image

Fashion retailer creates a digital workplace hub to help employees thrive in their roles.

Ernsting’s family
Read the case study
Case study image

Travel company strengthens collaboration, fosters innovation and consolidates communication.

Berge & Meer
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How customers use it

  • Executives



    You may struggle with getting a message across the right business units based on relevance.


    Get attention and communicate directly with high authenticity to the relevant business units.

  • Knowledge Worker

    Knowledge Worker


    Do you currently have to post content on multiple sites and systems to reach all of your relevant audiences?


    Now you can benefit from increased adoption and collaboration, use an intranet mobile experience and ensure visibility through curation.

  • Internal Communications

    Internal Communications


    Hard to manage the various messages that are meant for different business units? Difficult to establish seamless collaboration with Line of Business managers?


    Now you can effectively delegate content creation and maintenance to Line of Business management. Then it's easy to curate content, listen to and engage employees, and increase awareness for internal communications.

  • Field Employees

    Field Employees


    Not sure how to effectively communicate with employees in the field, be it a plant or manufacturing site?


    Enable field employees to retrieve intranet content without authentication. A simple kiosk at a site along with IBM Connections Engagement Center will help ensure everyone is informed.

Technical details

Software requirements

IBM Connections Engagement Center supports IBM Connections V5.5 and 6.0 and the following browsers. Visit the link below for complete lists of software requirements, supported operating systems, prerequisites and optional supported software, including component-level details and operating system restrictions.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer -- V9, 10 and 11. Older versions may lead to different UI layout.
  • Mozilla Firefox – Major versions from 32.0 to 42.0. Versions down to 10.0 compatible, not supported.
  • Google Chrome -- Older versions down to 10.0 are still compatible but not supported.
  • Apple Safari -- Major versions greater than 5.1.6. Versions down to 5.1 compatible, not supported.

Hardware requirements

Visit the link below for complete lists of hardware requirements for IBM Connections Engagement Center.

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