IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS features

Fully exploit z/Architecture

Generates code to take advantage of z15™, z14®, z14 ZR1, z13®, z13s®, zEC12 or zBC12, z196 or z114, z10 processors without the need for source code changes. In addition, the COBOL compiler increases hardware ROI by incorporating leading edge optimization technology to exploit the latest IBM Z® hardware and middleware products such as CICS®, IMS™, and Db2®.

Use Enterprise COBOL and Automatic Binary Optimizer together

Use the latest version of Enterprise COBOL for new development, modernization and maintenance. Use ABO (sold separately) to improve the performance of the COBOL modules without a recompilation plan.

Continuous delivery of enhancements

Supports the Continuous Delivery (CD) model so that you can receive new features and enhanced capabilities as soon as the code is ready. You can now receive enhancements in a faster and more continuous way without waiting for the next release.

Improve productivity

New features of the latest COBOL compiler include: i) easier problem determination and support for modern development tools that are supplied by both IBM and other ISVs, and, ii) support of simplified programming techniques.

Easy migration

Introduces compiler enhancements such as new compiler options to detect or correct invalid data issues, which help ease your migration efforts from COBOL V4 or earlier to COBOL V5 or V6 compiler. In addition, the interactive and cloud based COBOL Migration Assistant augments the COBOL Migration Guide and helps you navigate through the migration process smoothly.

Modernize applications

Modernizes your environment with proven features extended to support web, cloud, and mobile infrastructures, while reducing cost, risk, and cycle time. 1) RESTful Java™ Script Object Notation (JSON) services with traditional XML web services. 2) Native UTF-8 that enables COBOL applications to efficiently communicate across applications via RESTful APIs and to directly process UTF-8 data. 3) AMODE 64 (64-bit) batch applications development, which enables processing of large data tables over 2 GB.

COBOL Report Writer

IBM COBOL Report Writer (5798-DYR, 5798-DZX) is an add-on program that runs alongside the IBM COBOL compiler. This add-on program defines and produces all the listings, reports and displayed summaries that would normally be required in a COBOL application. Now you can significantly reduce the time and effort required to code and test a COBOL program with printed output.

Customer case studies

Case study image

DATEV: Modernization of COBOL Environment

Read the case study

DATEV: video interview

Case study image

A large North American bank

Read the case study

Technical details

Software requirements

z/OS V2.2 or later with required program temporary fixes (PTFs)

    Hardware requirements

    IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS, V6.3 runs on the following IBM servers:

    • z15
    • z14 or z14 ZR1
    • z13® or z13s®
    • zEnterprise EC12 or zEnterprise BC12
    • zEnterprise 196 or zEnterprise 114
    • z10 Enterprise Class or z10 Business Class

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