Feature spotlights


High availability, fault-tolerant, cluster management, Event Context, RBAC, regex engine, and more

5-15X Data Compression

Retain more data using less hardware

Free-Text Search

Blazing fast free-text search on any data without indexing

Sharable Live Dashboards

Display a collection of widgets to share across teams

Query Administration

Query Monitor to understand which quotas are using resources, and query quotas to keep the system running smoothly

Alerts & Webhooks

Sub-second notifications and custom webhooks to proactively fix issues

Bucket Storage for Persistent Data

Use bucket storage for real-time speed and infinite retention


Search for combined results and enrich data with Inner and left joins

Role-Based Access Control

Assign permissions and access rights and read from SAML, LDAP, Auth0, or others

Customer case study

Humio at Lunar: Log Management for a Kubernetes & Cloud Native Environment


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