Feature spotlights

Intelligent policy-driven scheduling

A comprehensive set of intelligent, policy-driven scheduling features enable you to make the most of all your compute infrastructure resources and ensure optimal application performance. A highly scalable and available architecture allows you to schedule complex workloads, and manage up to petaflop-scale resources.

Simple interface and visualization tools

An intuitive interface shows changes in job states in near real time, allowing you to take action to address issues as they arise. Visualization tools bring greater clarity and understanding to complex workflows by helping to easily determine why jobs are pending and when jobs should run. A simplified pending-reasons summary reveals the single main reason a job is pending in a specific queue or application.

Scalable architecture

The IBM Spectrum LSF product family helps you ensure all available resources are fully utilized by enabling you to take advantage of all technical computing resources, from application software licenses to unused network bandwidth. You can manage and accelerate workload processing and intelligently schedule and guarantee the completion of workloads across a broad range of operating systems and architectures.

Utilization-driven dispatch feature

A utilization-driven dispatch feature automatically determines the minimum run time needed to meet a high utilization rate across the cluster. If a job finishes before the minimum run time, Spectrum LSF immediately dispatches another job without waiting on a scheduling cycle. With utilization less dependent on scheduling intervals, complex workloads can be more efficiently managed—improving responsiveness and performance.

Technical details

Software requirements

Software requirements for IBM Spectrum LSF can be found here:

    Hardware requirements

    IBM Power 7/8, IBM Power 8 LE, x86-64, Aarch64, Itanium2, SPARC 64bit (T2)

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