IBM High Level Assembler and Toolkit features

Comprehensive toolkit option

Included in the Toolkit Feature are the following tools: Disassembler, Cross-Reference Facility, Program Understanding Tool, Interactive Debug Facility, Structured Programming Macros and Enhanced SuperC.

Support for Dynamic Link Libraries

Adds support for Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) to enhance cross-language communication and new conditional assembly functions and attributes for more powerful macros in the latest release.

Eight-byte address constants

Supports eight-byte address constants for IBM® z/Architecture® applications in 64-bit mode.

Enhanced macro capability

New conditional assembly functions and attributes for more powerful macros.

Valuable diagnostics

New and improved diagnostics to enhance application reliability.

Technical details

Software requirements

High Level Assembler (HLASM) and Toolkit Feature runs on z/OS®, z/VM® and z/VSE®. Installation resource link below.

    Hardware requirements

    Compatible systems with z/OS or z/VM or z/VSE installation. Specifications may vary.

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