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Hazelcast IMDG Powers Real-time Fraud Detection

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How customers use it

  • Caching - Hazelcast Enterprise HD on ICP

    Caching - Hazelcast Enterprise HD on ICP


    A cache stores data so requests can be served faster. If requested data is cached, this request is served by reading the cache. Otherwise, the data must be recomputed from its original, slower location e.g. a database, mainframe, or service API.


    Hazelcast IMDG® enables organizations to scale through in-memory access to data. Data is stored in an elastically scalable data grid so networks can dynamically cluster, pooling memory and processors to accelerate application performance.

  • Microservice Data Cache - Hazelcast Enterprise HD on ICP

    Microservice Data Cache - Hazelcast Enterprise HD on ICP


    Hazelcast IMDG® creates an easily deployed and managed Microservices infrastructure. Complex, back-end infrastructure, geographically distributed teams, and critical up-time requirements make Microservices architecture a highly viable approach.


    Advantages: 1) Decomposing a complex system into smaller pieces allows services to be deployed or replaced in isolation 2) Inter-operating services are more resilient 3) Flexibility – appropriate technology stacks can be used per Microservice.

Technical details

Software requirements

Hazelcast IMDG runs on IBM ICP, versions are detailed below.

  • Hazelcast Enterprise Helm Chart has been verified and tested on ICP and ICP 3.1

Hardware requirements

Minimum CPU, Memory, RAM, and disk space requirements for setting up and running IBM® Cloud Private clusters (see link) list the minimum system requirements per node for running IBM Cloud Private in both evaluation and production environments. System requirements vary depending on whether you want to set up a multi-node cluster, or set up a test environment by using a single host.

    Technical specifications

    Hazelcast IMDG is an operational, distributed, in-memory computing platform that helps companies manage their data using in-memory storage and performing parallel execution for breakthrough application speed and scale. Hazelcast is the leading open-source in-memory data grid on the market.

    • Elastic application scalability, in-memory computation & clustering, in-memory noSQL key value store
    See a complete list of technical specifications

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