What it can do for your business

Field technicians operate under dangerous conditions, dealing with unpredictable weather conditions and high-voltage assets every day – often alone. IBM MobileFirst for iOS Field Connect equips maintenance technicians with new tools and real-time information that deliver better situational awareness and enhanced collaboration. The app helps to improve productivity and safety in the field – whether inside or outside the truck. Field Connect helps technicians stay informed of critical project information, access support or help from colleagues and gain ongoing awareness of all relevant risks factors.

Increase maintenance productivity

Use real-time information to complete the job more quickly and easily.

Enhance situational awareness

Receive analytics-driven alerts about changing weather conditions, outages, equipment location and other variables.

Improve internal collaboration

Communicate with “outside the truck” technicians and supervisors.

Improve safety in the field

Access personalized safety tips, training, information and help when needed.

Five good reasons to use Field Connect

  • Take advantage of real-time information in the field
  • Receive analytics-driven alerts about changing conditions
  • Communicate “outside the truck”
  • Access personalized safety tips, training and help
  • Gain ongoing benefits with a great service plan