FactR - Instant Trust, Settlement, Reconciliation

Take advantage of our Blockchain enabled platform, trusted carriers, automated quote to delivery, and with FactR, instant settlement. With a FactR Digital wallet integrated in your payable/receivables processes and systems, payments are instant, trusted and can be audited/reconciled in seconds. Start today and save thousands in traditional invoice factoring and receivables overhead with the FactR platform.
FactR - A Digital Wallet for Next Generation Logistics


Documents, locations, & settlement is available instantly, 0 wait time


Documents such as Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoices, Shipping Instructions, Manifests, Rate Confirmations and more are available instantly, no more paper or outdated information

Cost Savings

Over $5 billion a year is spent on courier costs alone, save this money, along with lower payable and receivable costs

Trust and Trace-ability

The FactR wallet is decentralized, trusted & hacker proof. With tools like TrueFreight, leveraging IBM Blockchain and Stellar, we offer trust and instant trace-ability


Full end-to-end trace-ability & visibility with permissions based Smart Contracts, Stellar, & IoT enabled digital documents

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FactR - A Digital Wallet for Next Generation Logistics

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FactR - A Digital Wallet for Next Generation Logistics

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