What it can do for your business

Express Assist enables customers to view or purchase different product options. The app allows customers to request on-demand assistance from a sales associate for help with any service or product needs including having an associate deliver a needed product to a location in-store. The app allows associates to provide a high level of service to customers increasing both customer satisfaction and sales.

Give unprecedented access to customers

Express assist allows custom immediate access to detailed product information so they can easily locate and purchase what they need.

Make custom recommendations

Express Assist gives customers recommendations based on their profile, style and sales data. The depth and breadth of the items offered to the customer greatly enhances their experience.

Give customers what they want

The app enables associates to know what a customer wants and needs and provide it in the moment. Customers are delighted with the ability to provide such a high level of service.

Key features

  • Drive sales
  • Use analytics to your advantage
  • Empower sales associates to provide stellar service
  • The app is backed by a great service plan