What EscalateAI can do for you

Solve the challenge of inaccurate chatbots and questionable human chat ROI by combining them. EscalateAI offers a low cost hybrid human chat and AI chatbot solution built on IBM Watson Assistant with inbuilt Watson Tone Analyzer to increase response quality. With our highly skilled / low cost AI chatbot development facility in The Philippines, there is no more cost effective solution on the market.

A chat that's always right

You can set the chatbot's threshold of escalation to as high as you want so it automatically escalates to human when it isn't sure of it's answer - then the humans can respond.

Start small - grow as big as you like

Find a small use case as a start and because your chatbot is backed by humans you can gradually increase its knowledge as you understand people's questions and expand with confidence.

Know your customer

EscalateAI includes Watson Tone Analyzer, analytics and reporting. Know in real time what customers are asking, liking and not liking about your proposition, and how your agents are handling them.

Open up the chat channels

By using an AI chatbot to triage initial chat, you can offer instant responses on your chat channels which is essential for efficient chat conversations.

Live chat with a real ROI

Make chat a viable option by changing the ROI - chatbots can answer up to 80% of queries which takes the load of your agents.

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