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Protecting your organization from cyber threats

Learn why organizations need intelligence to protect against internal and external threats.

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Helping the intelligence community create a safer planet

Enabling NATO joint forces to achieve data to decision in minutes, and execute training operations with greater accuracy.

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The awakening of cyber threat analysis

Discover how i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis helps analysts discover events that are related.

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IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis Advanced Capabilities

A powerful combination of visual tools and automated analytics helps analysts to quickly uncover patterns and connections.

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IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis

Learn how to turn large amounts of information into actionable intelligence for faster, more informed decision making.

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IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis for Cyber Threat Analysis

Counter and mitigate more attacks with cyber threat analysis.

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Investigative analysis in Law Enforcement

Integrate multidimensional analysis capabilities to quickly find hidden connections and patterns.

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IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis for Defense Intelligence

Accelerate the data-to-decision process by rapidly transforming data into actionable intelligence.

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2018 Threat Hunting Report

Threat hunting can significantly improve detection rates and accelerate time to detect, investigate and remediate threats.

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Outthink the Bad Guys Why Private Sector Enterprises are Adopting Threat Hunting

IBM i2 has been helping analysts outthink the bad guys for over 28 years.

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Drive Data to Decision

Learn more about the rapidly evolving use of advanced analytics in defense intelligence.

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The Evolving Face of Cyber Threats

Read how the use of advanced analytics generates powerful insights to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

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Make timely, informed decisions related to your nation's border security

Vetting and monitoring capabilities are vital tools designed to help manage the safety of your borders.

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What is enterprise intelligence?

See how to identify vulnerabilities and threats across your enterprise.

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