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Feature spotlights

View relevant, related data

View and search data from different tool sources, show relevant relationships in simple-to-understand formats and access views of cross-tool and cross-domain data.

Analyze and organize data

See functional, procedural or structural relationships. Extract and analyze information from vast amounts of data.

Open architecture

Use search, query, visualization, analysis and organization capabilities with multiple product and systems development tools with Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC).

Federated data approach

Employ a federated, linked lifecycle data approach to cross-tool and cross-domain relationships and avoid the cost of moving data into a single repository.

Manage complexity

See the context for queries to make informed decisions during the software and systems development process.

Collaborate across roles

Use an open architecture and federated data approach to visualize, analyze and organize engineering data throughout your organization.

Organize engineering data

Get clear, simple-to-use views of relevant and related engineering data.

Analyze data across lifecycle tools

Visualize the impact of changes.

Technical details

Software requirements

See a complete list of hardware and software requirements.

    Hardware requirements

    See a complete list of hardware and software requirements.