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Choosing the right person for the right job and assessing traits, skills and fit for individuals, managers and leaders is crucial to the success of your organization. Based on behavioral science, IBM’s assessments measure the capacity, capability and culture fit of an individual. From selection, onboarding and leadership identification, IBM has developed and validated over 1,000 custom assessments and more than 1,500 out-of-the-box assessments. IBM reduces the challenge of selecting the ideal candidate or identifying your next great executive.

Improve quality of hire

Objectively screen candidates efficiently and concentrate interview efforts on high potentials to ensure they will thrive in your organization.

Accurately predict performance

Ensure you have the leadership skills in place that match your corporate culture and maintain a healthy leadership pipeline through accurate identification.

Explore workforce data

Using talent analytics, HR can quickly and easily explore workforce data to make fact-based decisions.

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